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How Long Is The Average Dick

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errr would that be anti-semitic? I think you are semantically challenged.

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How Long Is The Average Dick
How Long Is The Average Dick
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Your comments (23)
Meztigor 26.03.2018
Hey! Don't speak ill of religion.
Tygozil 01.04.2018
Not sure how as many do meditate
Tukinos 03.04.2018
Boo yah! Hell yes.
Samushicage 12.04.2018
How is it racist you little fake?
Taugrel 19.04.2018
And you have imperial evidence of this?
Mikalkree 24.04.2018
You've tried it all! Commendable.
Nikomi 25.04.2018
Why are they hidden? Burn it down.
Mujas 04.05.2018
If the ad hom fits, own it. Or not.
Vudokree 08.05.2018
Are you happy with the Job Trump is doing?
Yozshuzahn 11.05.2018
LMAO I love it too!
Shakarr 13.05.2018
hahahahaha Yes Am OK?????
Meztik 16.05.2018
The question is does atheism require faith?
Shaktill 19.05.2018
Love my Labs, they are great dogs
Arashizragore 27.05.2018
lol. what a joker. :)
Vogor 02.06.2018
Countries are founded by religions?
Dugul 09.06.2018
A made up word supposed to sound scientific.
Dougis 15.06.2018
Why didn't you transfer to a physiotherapist?
Tum 24.06.2018
Hey! Been awhile,how's you cuz???
Goltile 02.07.2018
What am I thinking right now.
Mikajin 02.07.2018
How about pacman? A blast form the past.
Dinos 07.07.2018
I missed you, too, TWO!
Vijas 11.07.2018
Then why act like you do?
Nelabar 15.07.2018
Or better yet .... Sold out to Islam

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