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Where is tech helping the environment? All we've done is move pollution from America to say, China or India. We pollute a lot less, they pollute a lot more, then they DEMAND we cripple whatever remains of our industry "For The Environment"!

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Mezilmaran 02.06.2018
From Good Morning Viet Nam....Replace Nixon with Trump
Nirn 03.06.2018
Because he's not a journalist he's a commentator.
Tygolrajas 11.06.2018
Looks like he might be dangerous on a guitar...
Tojalabar 19.06.2018
Nah was'nt anything worthwhile.played scrabble instead...
Moogugul 20.06.2018
Lol..I will remember that big .
Tozragore 21.06.2018
The old addage of "if it bleeds it leads".
Digar 30.06.2018
No babies are being murdered.
JoJogor 03.07.2018
California prison's are now over 13% illegal aliens.
Samuramar 10.07.2018
LOLOL!!!! At least you're honest about it...
Kazijind 17.07.2018
Looking good boo ?? jk
Meztit 25.07.2018
What, you don't believe in coincidences?
Shaktikus 04.08.2018
More bread crumbs for the Trumpist pigeons
Kasida 11.08.2018
Ingenious, here is one though...
Gak 16.08.2018
Quick, Red SOMETHING!....

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