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We got Perot because of Leftist Bush. It is good for a patriot to have somebody to vote For, instead of just voting for the 'Lesser Lefitst Evil'.

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Kilkis 30.05.2018
Commonwealth v. Abner Kneeland, 1838, blasphemy conviction.
Goltinris 09.06.2018
Same here. But who cares?
Fauzil 12.06.2018
Yes, we already agreed on that.
JoJodal 17.06.2018
He blocked me. ??
Zolojind 27.06.2018
No Bob is correct.
Dokinos 03.07.2018
surely not on disqus??
Gor 06.07.2018
I agree with you...
Vugul 11.07.2018
But can't the deity be yourself?
Nall 18.07.2018
Didn't you get one in your notices???
Dijas 20.07.2018
Arguing with a meme? Brilliant!
Dujar 21.07.2018
Thanks! Meant every word ??
Vudojinn 23.07.2018
It doesn't matter if the rules are illegal.
Mekus 01.08.2018
I'll be right over.
Kikree 10.08.2018
I am a huge NFL fan

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