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Thinking in terms of a good day at work was peaceful and fun with everyone getting along, joking around, no sickness/death, all the machinery was up and running, good production was being met with quality parts, fair wages/benefits all around, full-time, stable schedule, and job security. A bad day was the flip-side of any of this, worse, was more of the bad thsn good.

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Notice stocking sex sluts
Notice stocking sex sluts
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Faull 27.07.2018
Congratulations on learning how to use Google.
Moogugal 07.08.2018
I'm well how are you
Shaktikazahn 17.08.2018
A lot of it depends upon the religion.
Jugor 27.08.2018
Obama had a legacy ???
Muzilkree 05.09.2018
That sounds kind of entertaining, lol!
Gajas 07.09.2018
For scientific purposes, of course...
Brazahn 10.09.2018
Strawman, I said atheist.
Yogar 14.09.2018
Why I'm not there to see your laugh
Kishakar 23.09.2018
Utka is Russian for duck, because ducks are awesome.
Vuran 26.09.2018
Any where but Premier?
Kazrashura 07.10.2018
What if the man is his woman? ??????
Dusho 07.10.2018
Not what the quiz said.

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