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Slave was not my analogy, commodity is. As you can see, Howard Kirshenbaum agrees that the child is treated as a commodity.

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Tauran 27.03.2018
That's a good one
Kazigar 30.03.2018
Tory/Trudeau both just a waste of time and space!
Akishura 31.03.2018
It?s not too hot but just enough
Sadal 02.04.2018
1. Because one told me directly.
Grotilar 04.04.2018
You had to set him off!
Nejas 13.04.2018
You are making no sense.
Tekus 20.04.2018
Are you only interested in personal attack..or civil discourse.
Gak 25.04.2018
From Africa tho, correct?
Julkree 01.05.2018
we believe more than that about the Holy Sabbath!
Vit 11.05.2018
will do, and thanks, signed, the goat.
Tukree 11.05.2018
God gives life while Man's choices take life.
Kazrajin 17.05.2018
ouhh fark, we just reached 1421 posts,
Kibar 19.05.2018
I am waiting for BLM to start protesting.
Zulkijin 27.05.2018
Stop it I'm in
Kagajind 29.05.2018
Barf?.. : - (
Mera 02.06.2018
???????? and i you, my Queen
Akiktilar 04.06.2018
Some things never change....
Moogugal 13.06.2018
Exactly what is your
Kajora 17.06.2018
Mezira 23.06.2018
Why would I need to pray? To what? Thor?
Vugrel 29.06.2018
I honestly think you're prettier than Solange.
Mikadal 05.07.2018
Explain why their child's like that.
Akinogis 15.07.2018
"ok. but they are a threat to my freedom"
Vudomi 16.07.2018
taxing money 1 time should be enough
Shanris 24.07.2018
And now typing out
Guzilkree 27.07.2018
The paperless future....until glaring errors and/or fraud appears.
Fegis 05.08.2018
Well stated and respected.
Tojashura 15.08.2018
The Nones see the problems with religions
Gaktilar 20.08.2018
Mother and father are different yet both integral.

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