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I am over joyed when I hear of any miraculous healing but of course I dont know about most of them that happen in other countries etc.

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Moogugor 15.04.2018
I pride myself on specifics.
Virn 17.04.2018
Then he is not so omniscient.
Vojin 23.04.2018
that sounds good. cuomo/warren?
Zuluhn 28.04.2018
My middle finger's bigger than that.
Gagis 02.05.2018
I knew that would draw you in. LOL
Kajigar 03.05.2018
South African overwhelmingly Christian.
Goltikasa 10.05.2018
Good party advertising near polling stations
Gur 16.05.2018
Michelle Rodriguez = A Revenger's Tale
Tolkis 22.05.2018
And now you know why they cross otherwise.
Shaktishicage 23.05.2018
Why should I restate everything I stated before?
Mazukasa 27.05.2018
I'm Good how are you?
Voodoolmaran 28.05.2018
Some play for love I play for myself
Mazusho 31.05.2018
You know the drill
Daijas 03.06.2018
Ha. That was a disaster the first time.
Manos 12.06.2018
what did I say ?? lol
Tojakasa 14.06.2018
This is what came up M lol!!

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