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Digging graves for others leads only to you falling in. strawmen are fallacies, they do not qualify as an argument.

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Dirty teen old guy
Dirty teen old guy
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Fejind 30.04.2018
You can claim. Yet you cannot prove.
Mazujinn 09.05.2018
Why do we accept special relativity?
Zulukinos 16.05.2018
Lol I live by a Drury lane
Gat 17.05.2018
No, communism is not a religion. Try another argument.
Faugore 18.05.2018
My greatest fear is trusting people too much
Meztizshura 22.05.2018
Why Saudi Arabia is expelling Canada?s ambassador
Mikagami 31.05.2018
We need a sarcasm emoji I think.
Yozshulmaran 10.06.2018
And only after science has it figured out.
Dojas 16.06.2018
That's your opinion. Mine's different.
Keshura 23.06.2018
You have? Where?! ??
Maulkis 02.07.2018
Who specifically and how?
Mekora 06.07.2018
I'm sure he's fully meeting their low expectations.
Volrajas 11.07.2018
You need to let that go, Mildred.
Gardagami 20.07.2018
Just like I did not vote for Trump.
Grobei 22.07.2018
drawn like a moth to a flame.
Tekinos 29.07.2018
Guess what , any one offended had ZERO reason!

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