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Well, this really isn't something I can get too worked up about either way. If people wanna argue about such things, that's fine, but I don't get into the urination competition.

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Shakar 07.04.2018
Most likely the USA is behind this
Vuzuru 15.04.2018
Lol! Well that just brightened my day.
Kagarisar 23.04.2018
nothing worth having in life comes easy!
Akinonos 25.04.2018
We have a lot of information in the US
Nigami 30.04.2018
Pooooooo :( what is good for you then?
Malaran 03.05.2018
What area of China is "Flatbush" in?
Vocage 11.05.2018
It says I'm a Cancer.
Tesho 22.05.2018
This is relevant how?
Jumi 24.05.2018
Is this OUDud's new incarnation? He uses identical schtick
Kigarn 31.05.2018
I was about to ask you the same,

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