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Interesting that you can juxtapose greedy companies and free market without blinking. It would appear that you don?t quite grasp that Free Markets is now primarily an ideological phrase used by those very greedy companies. The major reason is that without adequate regulations of company ownership structures, purpose, and regulations in the Public Interest for Social Well-Being, we see in the US how profiteering Big Corporations use their profits to control government for their own profiteering, Big Shareholder purposes.

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Male adult doberman for sale
Male adult doberman for sale
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Arashitaur 01.06.2018
Collusion is more accurate.
Shaktigul 07.06.2018
Me in the morning. ??
Sabar 10.06.2018
"You were asked to give her out..."
Yozshukree 14.06.2018
The world is becoming a smaller place.
Kajirisar 23.06.2018
I know this lol
Bakora 29.06.2018
You did and i missed ????????
Kazrabei 04.07.2018
Oh, and this one too:
Kigataur 13.07.2018
Proud of you :)
Muzil 14.07.2018
You on drugs or something?
Tarr 23.07.2018
Which God condoned and even ordered.
Faull 30.07.2018
Read the quote. lol
Akinosho 07.08.2018
The favor is discussed extensively in Deuteronomy 7.
Zolorn 07.08.2018
We?re still talking about beer right?
Moogur 10.08.2018
Russia? Trump? Connection? none.
Tygolar 16.08.2018
Who's she gonna blame for that hair?
Aralkree 24.08.2018
And he's the goodest of boys too, I'd bet.
Mikasida 01.09.2018
WTF? Please make sense. I cannot respond to nonsense.
Dizshura 10.09.2018
LOL! Well... here's a pirate for ya'....
Kazilrajas 18.09.2018
Try these 3 questions:
Mikar 27.09.2018
Exactly. People talking out their asses
Bakasa 30.09.2018
Thank you for confirming my bottom line sentence above.
Maujinn 03.10.2018
Well you got answered directly.
Gardagar 08.10.2018
Always good to see ya JB!!
Sadal 10.10.2018
Same! Only 50 more minutes left it says! Lol
Mebei 19.10.2018
Your comment bears that out.
Gasar 28.10.2018
No, your point fell flat. I didn't
Tat 29.10.2018
Glad to hear that!!! =D
Kezilkree 01.11.2018
Tiffany Trump is a lib? Who knew....

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