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School shootings are a trivial percentage of gun violence in America, which overwhelmingly occurs in democrat run cities and is committed by members of the democrat constituency.

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One Piece Of Ass
One Piece Of Ass
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Mezilar 22.05.2018
The French statue, of the headless chick?
Gagore 23.05.2018
Care if I politely ask for a translation?
Mezim 31.05.2018
Sorry to hear that
Kazijar 11.06.2018
You don't understand how vast the US is.
Daijinn 20.06.2018
Not from Mueller's team.
Tejar 27.06.2018
They have a ?secret? ingredient. Hintidy hint hint hint
Akinoktilar 02.07.2018
Free speech only applies to certain people.
Faukinos 08.07.2018
Hitler. Anyone ever tell you you're an asshole?
Feshakar 15.07.2018
Except everywhere has had that effect regardless of culture.
Kazrale 22.07.2018
lol it was a little funny.
Faekora 29.07.2018
What about lawyers and music producers?
Dule 30.07.2018
Okay, okay, keep your gun in your HOLSTer
Gonos 01.08.2018
And if we refuse, then what?
Gujas 06.08.2018
Let?s let this one go. Just think it over.

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