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Your comment wouldn't suffer any loss of meaning if you ommitted the last 3 words. Please, refrain from insults and personal attacks.

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Mikaktilar 22.07.2018
Are you simply parroting me?
Kazracage 31.07.2018
Cons are such morons. Truly.
Shakasar 08.08.2018
Did you actually read your link?
Yotaxe 15.08.2018
Lopez is typing pure hogwash
Akikasa 22.08.2018
Atheism is unprovable; therefore it is an opinion.
Akilkree 23.08.2018
We place no reliance
Goran 26.08.2018
Read the end of it.
Nikinos 29.08.2018
And that's what makes your response unintelligible, Kleopussy.
Tojabei 31.08.2018
It's just nonsense. There is no point.
Fem 09.09.2018
Where can I find Bishadi?
Arar 17.09.2018
They don't just cry wolf, they actually have wolf!
Akigrel 24.09.2018
How is that the key word?
Kagakazahn 01.10.2018
Could they be on a farm?
Akirg 06.10.2018
Maybe after a few drinks
Faujin 12.10.2018
Indeed.....Maybe join friends for club
Vudomuro 21.10.2018
It?s the way the earth works.
Yozshutaur 29.10.2018
The Golden Rule is to do unto others as
Zolotaur 04.11.2018
Prove I contradict other scripture.
Daile 08.11.2018
Where did I defend them...........?
Jura 09.11.2018
Effort and commitment... Sorta like playing Hockey!
Gardakasa 14.11.2018
What about atheists who say god does not exist?
Mezim 17.11.2018
The NRA, and especially LaPierre, can get f**ked.

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