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No, I was just making the point that reasonable fear plays into the decision to retreat or not retreat, and now there is the law that says you do not have to retreat.

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Viramar 26.03.2018
Then don't worry. I'm not worried.
Maumi 27.03.2018
Because orientation is not a binary. Simple.
Kagarn 02.04.2018
was Isaiah lying about the last days?
Akinobar 09.04.2018
And he, like us, is inside time and space.
Saramar 12.04.2018
"The actions are fascist in nature."
Kat 16.04.2018
Who is this person?
Tarisar 18.04.2018
Irrelevant. You changed the subject.
Zulkisar 19.04.2018
I argue with myself- does that make me God?

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