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Cuts off penis throws at police

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People generally do a poor job of managing the characters they elect.

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Cuts off penis throws at police
Cuts off penis throws at police
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Zulkir 30.03.2018
I could probably rent it out. How much?
Tygogrel 05.04.2018
Believing in free will is pagan.
JoJobar 13.04.2018
That must be eccentric:PP
Daitaxe 15.04.2018
What the everloving heck.
Mikak 22.04.2018
That' ok, some people call me Jim as well
Faule 27.04.2018
"Distance and length are not the same thing. "
Mikall 04.05.2018
^Sniff, sniff...I smell gutter trash.
Faejind 07.05.2018
Or a gf or a bevy of females.
Malakree 08.05.2018
Welcome to the Trump Channel. You'll enjoy it here.
Mogami 18.05.2018
Wait. How did Trump get involved?
Gajas 26.05.2018
Whoever and what you want.
Shaktik 02.06.2018
Yeah they messed up with that one.
Kazrat 12.06.2018
I was hoping you'd catch that ??
Dulkree 15.06.2018
Are you against federal law?
Diramar 21.06.2018
If striaght Baileys or an apple pie liquor
Mera 01.07.2018
What did I get wrong?
Fejar 06.07.2018
Deliberately evil and cruel.
Jugami 12.07.2018
I'm gone,, night lads good fun
Kitilar 20.07.2018
Pence already signed on to this tax plan.
Sharn 23.07.2018
Sorry about that, chief.
Mikabar 01.08.2018
Are you the young pastor?

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