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I wouldn't bet on any outsider with intelligence arriving at those conclusions

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Dogar 18.05.2018
You lies are confirmed jenny.
Gromi 19.05.2018
Casey Anthony would have a few words about that.
Shalrajas 20.05.2018
Why do you hate females?
Yozshugore 22.05.2018
First casual...making spaghetti. Then... I'm wearing this:
Fenrilmaran 30.05.2018
thank you for the fox interpretation of the law.
Aralrajas 30.05.2018
We should be friends
Kizragore 07.06.2018
I?d read the law again if I were you
Kaganris 16.06.2018
Journalism, the truth, is the ?friend? of our Republic.

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