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Stripped and shaved

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You missed my point. It isn't about faith or party. It's about agenda. Look at FDR's New Deal. Plainly unconstitutional when you get right down to it, and plenty of people insisted the Supreme Court would never stand for it. FDR's response? 'Well then I'll put in one that will. He ended up losing a fair portion of the New Deal, but also ended up putting 8 new justices on the court, all of whom were happy to rubber stamp his policies.

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Stripped and shaved
Stripped and shaved
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Zulutaxe 05.04.2018
I'm not jaded, just pragmatic.
Vizil 14.04.2018
Or the Catholic/Orthodox split?
Fezshura 23.04.2018
Sometimes the older ones do, too.:)
Zusho 27.04.2018
Shh that was a secret..You told everyone
Dutilar 05.05.2018
Lol!! Sounds good! I?m looking forward to it! ??
Kamuro 10.05.2018
I was thinking with the kids/wife
Votaur 12.05.2018
It's the antonym of 'smug'.
Mekus 18.05.2018
And with God standing right there!

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