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Ok. Thanks. You gave us a lot. But let us get down to the basic. There is a Creation of God. And then we get family life in the Creation. Does God have a Family life or none?

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Turisar 03.08.2018
Oh. God hates frogs. Right.
Shaktitaur 06.08.2018
Thanks Bogdan - I'll move on!
Kagagami 15.08.2018
You're awfully sweet, Medicman. :)
Gutaxe 20.08.2018
Den think about me..
Tygom 27.08.2018
Wasn't she Methuselah's older sister?
Dajar 05.09.2018
If I was too touchy, I apologize too.
Zuzshura 15.09.2018
Such is the reasoning of an apologist.
Voodoorn 21.09.2018
I love you guys. I needed a laugh.
Gakus 28.09.2018
Like to what? Have 69 donuts? Me too!!!!
JoJojinn 09.10.2018
Yes because they were two hearted.
Kezilkree 18.10.2018
ridiculous hyperbole as usual
Kazrakinos 22.10.2018
She could abuse me in so many ways.
Goltinris 27.10.2018
I think you're right.
Kitaxe 04.11.2018
LOL, love your TDS issues Smiley.
Shaktilrajas 05.11.2018
Really? How is feeling testy a sin?
Nagis 10.11.2018
They do have a way.
JoJoshakar 17.11.2018
Fruit of the spirit!
Kazrajas 24.11.2018
California juvenile crime report.
Sataur 01.12.2018
Are you an engineer? You have that mindset.
Tulkis 09.12.2018
Yeah they messed up with that one.
Faeshicage 16.12.2018
OK. Whatever makes you happy.
Shagami 17.12.2018
Lots of guns combined with lots of gang members.

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