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Average amount of sexual partners

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But it'd still refer only to the belief in the existence or not of a god. How does it entail the hypotheses on the afterlife?

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Average amount of sexual partners
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Akinojinn 21.06.2018
Who said anything about preference?
Nijora 22.06.2018
Only if you cherry pick.
Tazshura 23.06.2018
Are you from the Realm where 2+2=22? lol :).
Dilkree 01.07.2018
Firefighters protecting your home from burning down is socialism.
Faut 08.07.2018
We're still alive, brother!
Dall 15.07.2018
Transitioning into Gnosticism ;)
Bagore 20.07.2018
We have all kinds of limitations on religious freedom.
Didal 25.07.2018
Maybe I have a secret twin
Nejas 01.08.2018
You?re right! Need to make a post ad edit.
Samukasa 10.08.2018
It says in the bible.
Mikami 18.08.2018
Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?
Toshakar 25.08.2018
I am cutting this off at the namecalling.
Faetilar 04.09.2018
Why not? Please, provide evidence to support your position.
Tumuro 05.09.2018
What do you call sin?
Arashigul 12.09.2018
Thoughts? Prolife365 needs a better graphic designer.
Goltitaxe 20.09.2018
This one IMO is even better.
Nele 25.09.2018
This is long and strangely structured.
Jujinn 02.10.2018
Billy Crystal Miracle Max in
JoJogrel 10.10.2018
Lol thanks ?? ??
Kagagore 19.10.2018
Everything is punishable by death. Eventually.
Fenrijin 24.10.2018
So I am told.
Melabar 02.11.2018
Why babies aren't parasites.
Arashisida 04.11.2018
What exactly is your problem with what was said?
Vunos 06.11.2018
No one wins in trade wars,

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