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Memoires of bad mommies

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I came up with it by myself. BTW, were your parents more upset when they discovered that you're mentally retarded, or when they found out that you're a transvestite?

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Memoires of bad mommies
Memoires of bad mommies
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Douhn 02.04.2018
i do not know how to do it.
Goltirn 05.04.2018
Great to hear! Any plans for the weekend?
Voodooshicage 08.04.2018
He is a denier of reality. It?s truly sad.
Nekasa 11.04.2018
In THIS current trial, you mean.
Mokinos 14.04.2018
That's the scariest thing of them all
Mooguktilar 19.04.2018
No. Please answer my question now
Tet 28.04.2018
Wow, beautiful legs and feet
Fesar 29.04.2018
You make that sound like one word.
Mikar 03.05.2018
You raise an important issue.
Samut 07.05.2018
No, it hasn't been exclusive.
Shagar 11.05.2018
Under Harper we imported oil from Saudi Arabia.
Manris 12.05.2018
Yep. Lil' ole me. ??
Meztimuro 13.05.2018
Then she should SHUT UP.
Shaktisar 15.05.2018
You just made a claim! Now prove it.
Bragore 25.05.2018
Fist bump for that.
Zulkirisar 26.05.2018
The dogs you see around you have NOT evolved.
Mausida 05.06.2018
Non sequitur rejected. I accept your retreat.
Mezigis 11.06.2018
Where can I buy the recordings ?

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