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Girls in booty panties

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"Democrat plantation" was a metaphor, dummy! I meant you people are just a bunch of programmed drones. You don't think for yourselves. You let the TV, politicians and social media do all the thinking for you. You live in a echo chamber and you all subscribe to the hive-mind mentality. Whatever the majority says is okay, you follow it. Anything that is not okay, you don't follow. You voted for Obama because he was black, not because he was a good leader. You voted for Hillary because she is a woman, not because she was even a good person. You didn't vote for Trump because he's a white man. Which in liberal leftist land is like the ultimate taboo. LOL! You people are a bunch of loonies!

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Girls in booty panties
Girls in booty panties
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Zulkirg 02.04.2018
I was blaming them for preventing bail reform.
Kigajind 04.04.2018
No, though it does appeal to your gnosticism.
Nijas 14.04.2018
Unfortunately, the evidence doesn't support that claim.
Dikasa 16.04.2018
You are stating the obvious there.
Zulkikasa 23.04.2018
Go back to where your ancestors came from.
Moogukora 26.04.2018
You may find this interesting:
Shaktishicage 28.04.2018
What you up too lately
Ner 01.05.2018
No politics, thank you.
Tusida 07.05.2018
?Maddow isn't droning on about inter-dimensional child molesters?
Brarn 08.05.2018
Zev_disqus.....ok well the don't ask a question about it!
Nekree 17.05.2018
The technology was developed decades ago for terrorism investigation.
Mukus 25.05.2018
It's a liberal wet dream...
Voodoojinn 02.06.2018
Please translate your comment
Arabar 12.06.2018
Who specifically and how?
Douzil 18.06.2018
Is it 5 o'clock there already ??? GEEEZ

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