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This seems to be a common Alt-right (not Republican) tactic.

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Nasida 31.03.2018
according to you, who corrupt them?
Bralar 05.04.2018
Comes up now? hmm
Sajas 10.04.2018
That doesn't add up to 1Cor. 13:4-7.
Akikinos 14.04.2018
Imo: In relationship? Only lapdance for the partner. Period.
Faukasa 19.04.2018
"When was that ever challenged?"
Tygom 20.04.2018
Your Logical Fallacy is: begging the question
Kasho 26.04.2018
Devil's advocate, humans were made in God's image.
Vojas 04.05.2018
True, they are a special kind of fun.
Talrajas 14.05.2018
Sometimes once just isn't enough!
JoJojar 16.05.2018
I was once a member of the NRA.
Mikakree 20.05.2018
I already said it three times. Sorry chum.
Satilar 28.05.2018
You got it right!
Kigajinn 04.06.2018
YOU: 4 hours ago...
Dom 08.06.2018
We have all kinds of limitations on religious freedom.
Tozilkree 19.06.2018
That?s a democrat solution,
Toktilar 23.06.2018
I call them wonderers
Zulura 30.06.2018
Don't forget Canada eh.
Majora 06.07.2018
That's evidence of a document.
Arashilkree 07.07.2018
give it a rest, seriously.
Tygomuro 16.07.2018
That's a vast conspiracy theory at work here.
Samugis 25.07.2018
Of these categories above, which are you in?
Dourisar 02.08.2018
Public school money shouldn't go to private schools.
Groramar 06.08.2018
Impregnate it and throw it back in the pond
Shaktibar 08.08.2018
Hey Tones, what's up
Shazuru 15.08.2018
Cookoo cookoo cookoo cookoo

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