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Eros or romantic love

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I understand that a polarized view of US vs. Inda happens while there are other perspectives that are more liberating. In a public forum like this, I am not sure our personal integrity is such a big issue.

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Eros or romantic love
Eros or romantic love
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Meztijin 05.04.2018
To the last sentence Amen Awomen.
Molkree 06.04.2018
I have no burden of proof.
Gardahn 12.04.2018
From my parents who came from their parents, etc.
Shakakasa 13.04.2018
Yes Mid day stand in work.....LOl
Nesho 21.04.2018
Don't follow me, follow Jesus.
Branos 01.05.2018
Registered historic landmark. End of discussion.
Kajirisar 05.05.2018
Yeah! It's a LOT!!!
Tojinn 15.05.2018
What the hell Ray? How?
Mazuzshura 25.05.2018
I would take therapy from her anyday
Faem 04.06.2018
I think that was my point
Grorr 08.06.2018
Those are TWO related sentences.
Brakasa 12.06.2018
I like this lady.
Zulkijin 15.06.2018
handicap after the landing.
Tojalkree 24.06.2018
Thanks for the detailed perspective. I learnt something new.
Vorg 25.06.2018
I was, extremely so, maybe you didn't "get" it?
Arashidal 28.06.2018
Aw jeez, is this gonna stick now? Lol
Tulmaran 07.07.2018
Freedom OF Religion is also Freedom FROM Religion.
Votaxe 13.07.2018
Shall I tell you a joke?
Mezikazahn 22.07.2018
And trump is a role model?
Dusida 31.07.2018
I don't have a god.
Nimi 10.08.2018
Which Star Trek is your favorite?
Masida 15.08.2018
I think you wanted me to. ??
Samull 17.08.2018
You mean your god.
Meztile 24.08.2018
Say it with me:
Tojazahn 01.09.2018
Does Georgia still have a channel?
Gujora 08.09.2018
Here's what happens when you drink some of that!!

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