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Nope. I'm no good at lying. Also I'd be terrified of using the wrong name. Nope, one at a time is how I've stayed with this one for 31 years so far.

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Mar 27.03.2018
I'll bring the beer.
Sagore 30.03.2018
Correct. Your good at this
Kasida 04.04.2018
Religion was created by men.
Toshicage 13.04.2018
Way too many children are taught these lies.
Gardagrel 13.04.2018
We can know God through His Word.
Kagashicage 14.04.2018
Muslim limerick,John44,say no more.
Visho 16.04.2018
Why would a god want anything from lesser beings?
Shalrajas 24.04.2018
Like being married to trump?
Nilmaran 30.04.2018
1) we're having a discussion.
Fenrilkis 02.05.2018
Nah... that?s just sex ??????
Dukinos 12.05.2018
Comment from a person determined to remain stupid
Taurisar 12.05.2018
Yours was. I agree.
Tojam 14.05.2018
not a bad idea for a leftist
Mikasar 20.05.2018
Wrong, Islam in English means "to submit".
Kazitilar 30.05.2018
And I feel fiiiiiiine.
Shakazragore 05.06.2018
Sugardaddy runs outta $ for my new shoes
Kazrataxe 13.06.2018
Oh sorry . wrong topic. Yes I do!
JoJokus 20.06.2018
Those are not measures of spreading Christianity, though.
Megal 23.06.2018
take a look at the inside

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