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If the instructions given by what you refer to as 'God can change and be reinterpreted by man on an ongoing basis why not just admit there is no supernatural being and all of it is man made?

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Tegal 03.04.2018
Was god self created?
Kektilar 08.04.2018
Hey Spanner, customers of yours ?
Tojagar 15.04.2018
That just proves that Trump is SUPERHUMAN.
Nile 21.04.2018
This and Chris has a recipe
Faujas 27.04.2018
I said you can ignore me. Blocked. Bye.
Dakree 04.05.2018
OK. Blocked. See you next month.
Maular 14.05.2018
Ohhhhhhhh ahhhhh babe!! :D:D:D
Sagis 24.05.2018
Did you get it
Sakinos 25.05.2018
As with everything, it goes both ways.
Zujind 29.05.2018
Hmmm.What is more: 70 or 30%?
Dusida 02.06.2018
There's one God(Deut. 6:4) manifested in three Persons(Matt. 28:19).
Vigis 05.06.2018
who are "theses guys"
Grorisar 06.06.2018
I like my sandwiches sliced like this
Nicage 16.06.2018
That was a spammer.
Dora 18.06.2018
Didn't he smite some villages and some egyptians?
Kesar 22.06.2018
Hi Jennifer , nice to meet ya
Dirg 26.06.2018
Spicy?! You know me well.
Voodoorn 04.07.2018
Yes he would. Like father like son.
Mazugul 10.07.2018
People who call other people narcisist are usually lazy.
Mikaran 16.07.2018
3D gun printing ????
Samuhn 22.07.2018
the simple minded/minimalist will retain the obtuse narrative.
Tajin 28.07.2018
I missed you, too, TWO!
Nijora 03.08.2018
But they're "your people"
Kajijas 07.08.2018
Now his feet match his lil hands.
Fegore 09.08.2018
Except they do pay taxes..
Meshura 13.08.2018
CUTEEE????????. Love the kitten and bunny one??

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