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Grams Of Fat In Foods

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Of course ... if you can't sell secrets, that's gonna hurt the pocketbook.

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Grams Of Fat In Foods
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Your comments (29)
Gardazuru 30.07.2018
You should leave and not post here then.
Tele 07.08.2018
I know and it does worry me.
Taule 17.08.2018
Are they trick questions?
Mooguzil 23.08.2018
I know the answers
Voodoocage 30.08.2018
Thanks for the laugh, Borat.
Tujind 05.09.2018
Tonight was a tough one
Tauzshura 13.09.2018
Nope, maybe cuz im a man?
Faem 20.09.2018
The word 'disgusting' is a disgusting understatement.
Kazrashicage 26.09.2018
gt; Prosecution: ?EEEWWW! Not on the chessboard!?
Mazuhn 01.10.2018
Human consciousness goes on forever.
Arashijinn 08.10.2018
Sorry, creationists don't do math OR logic.
Nigul 09.10.2018
You gave two answers:
Kigataxe 19.10.2018
You're Catholic, then, Nigel?
Dilkree 21.10.2018
The new creation in Christ, yes.
Mozragore 31.10.2018
It was a wonderful experience;)
Kaziramar 09.11.2018
Truth is relative and subject to perspective.
Moogunos 17.11.2018
You think I?m a troll???
Shagar 26.11.2018
They can't remember five minutes ago evidently.
Gajinn 05.12.2018
And what do you consider yourself?
Gubei 13.12.2018
You are 100% correct.
Kagalrajas 21.12.2018
yawn....sorry, I stopped paying attention to your drivel.
Tukasa 22.12.2018
You missed this part?
Mazujar 27.12.2018
So u r married!? XD
Kajigar 02.01.2019
What videos? There are no links.
Vudogor 10.01.2019
time for a pay increase!
Dogul 18.01.2019
If god doesn't interfere what is his point?
Vudokinos 20.01.2019
Is God a Guy?
Taumi 24.01.2019
Experiential truth is entangled in mortal timelessness
Vom 29.01.2019
You are a very bigoted old one.

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