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No. They're a recipe for corruption. Granting a government Divine authority is the end of any/all individual rights. It's the difference between laws of a religion, and laws of the state. I don't care if people who want to be [Catholic] aren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. As long as church officials are the only ones empowered to enforce same among their own, willing congregations. If local law enforcement officials are empowered to detain citizens for violating such a law, then I'll be at the front of the line to start the revolution.

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Girls fuck n force
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Makasa 30.03.2018
Carry on on your deluded way!
Molmaran 03.04.2018
Such a waste. You can't count to 2 correctly?
Mikazuru 10.04.2018
Who bought the judge?
Sazil 13.04.2018
The Holy Bible is the source of Truth.
Tojadal 22.04.2018
Completely agree with most of what you wrote.
Malasida 28.04.2018
Male in his male box??
Zulkigor 01.05.2018
Denying someone a place to live with zero justification.
Dok 05.05.2018
yeah like chihuahua or whatever ??
Met 10.05.2018
Yes, the parts with water.
Shakami 16.05.2018
go rite a head
Mezirn 26.05.2018
Please don't stand up Bill.Icouldn't unsee
Faerg 29.05.2018
OK, it was rhetorical, got you.
Tejin 07.06.2018
These numbers are staggering!
Doujas 11.06.2018
Ugh. You're one of the Traditionalists, aren't you?
Mazugis 12.06.2018
I know my history, you obviously do not.
Tojagore 19.06.2018
The posts indicate otherwise, you self-aggrandizing piece of garbage!
Nikoramar 20.06.2018
Sure, if you ignore multiple lines of evidence.
Nalrajas 21.06.2018
She kept her motor clean
Kazitaur 21.06.2018
Have is past tense.
Brakasa 27.06.2018
I don?t even have a girlfriend.
Mikacage 07.07.2018
You actually took me seriously? LOL?
Vuktilar 17.07.2018
Actually it does and that's why they do it.
Tagor 21.07.2018
OK. What's your point?
Tet 29.07.2018
Vagabond 007 JLS1950 ? a day ago

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