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God(s may exist but mushrooms on the dark side of Pluto might exist too. What difference does it make? I could spend lots of time contemplating a number of things but exactly how fruitful will that be? I have bills to pay, a family to raise and retirement to plan; there simply is no good reason for me to spend much time thinking of much else. Every now and then I may stare into the distance for a few seconds thinking: what if there is a god? and then it's back to the dishes. If you have any information that you want to share with me make sure I think it matters first before trying to sell it.

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Free claire danes nude pictures
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Kazragore 19.04.2018
Muscle relaxers and vodka works for my "clients".
Tozil 22.04.2018
Criticize what aspect specifically...Their haircuts...Their wardrobes?
Mezile 26.04.2018
Don't be silly wrap your Willy.
Samugore 27.04.2018
What created the creator?
Dogar 30.04.2018
What conservative of note has defended him?
Gami 09.05.2018
I came here for memes
Fenrijas 13.05.2018
I hear their new memberships are through the roof.
Kajizil 18.05.2018
Oh. Ok. Thxs again.
Tejora 23.05.2018
In their minds, it goes without saying.
Guramar 26.05.2018
We're in sync! ;)
Zululkree 01.06.2018
.....And on the taxpayer's dime!!!!!
Samujora 02.06.2018
That's correct, I fixed the title.
Balkis 12.06.2018
Kazirisar 19.06.2018
Touche'... right on the money... fact.
Samurr 23.06.2018
The Nazis claimed to be Christian.
Mezidal 26.06.2018
Cool! Bang a Dong?
Gatilar 03.07.2018
Crap. I just outted myself, huh...
Dailar 07.07.2018
But butts are nice too.
JoJojind 16.07.2018
And I don't? hmmpffhhhh
Tokinos 25.07.2018
Put Americans to work
Gardazuru 25.07.2018
Thank you for correction.
Shakagar 02.08.2018
There is more than one meaning to see .
Kagacage 10.08.2018
Especially in regard to length/inches. Ahem...
Gardalrajas 17.08.2018
"Narrow it down and give me an example."

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