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Women medical fetish

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By the way, do not be shy about asking me to explain any of my humor that eludes you. The basic joke was reductio ad absurdum - the horror of a Democrat Congress dwarfing the burning-down of the narrator's house and the explosion of his septic tank. So, your satiric reduction of my comment to pure gibberish, while funny, is inaccurate.

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Women medical fetish
Women medical fetish
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Tojadal 09.08.2018
I would imagine it would be whatever you liked.
Vuhn 18.08.2018
Well there you go with your alternate reality again.
Kigataur 28.08.2018
It shows up in the bank account eventually
Yom 02.09.2018
She's not answering me, so I win. ??
Yogal 03.09.2018
Move along? If you don't like responding, then don't.
Vudal 08.09.2018
I think this may be caused by emotional sickness
JoJogis 13.09.2018
Is that you in your avi..
Jugar 18.09.2018
Another example of some pushing their morals onto others.
Kagasar 24.09.2018
Pay attention to what Heyo said.
JoJokazahn 28.09.2018
Yes and that is no proof of God.
Vilmaran 04.10.2018
Exactly, so it can't be considered religion.
Akinorisar 13.10.2018
Yep. They are soulless narcissistic sociopaths.
Magami 15.10.2018
lol. Sure. Have a good weekend.
Dolrajas 19.10.2018
Deliverance from religion is what you need.
Zulkigul 28.10.2018
Good. Now Germany can pay for it.

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