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Why asian guys cant get white girls

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The people crying for protection are the same people that will scream about how the police profile them; murder them; single them out and harass them. The same people that scream racism when they feel slighted by the police or a white person. They can't have it both ways. Five good residents that want real help can't talk reason to the other 99%. So, they are on their own until they can figure out what their problems are and deal with them.

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Why asian guys cant get white girls
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Kagara 29.03.2018
Banning guns entirely is impractical and virtually impossible.
Vor 04.04.2018
No, I'm not. Paranoid much ?
Bat 14.04.2018
bottom of a cereal box I would bet :)
Tukree 20.04.2018
Who created he creator?
Arashisar 29.04.2018
What are your thoughts on blasphemy laws in general?
Yogor 07.05.2018
Totally awesome to the brainless basers.
Faezahn 15.05.2018
Window shopping is just ok
Sham 23.05.2018
I hope so too!
Mikasida 31.05.2018
it is your right
Vole 04.06.2018
Smart move...You'll love it..
Dugul 10.06.2018
"Jones started the whole conspiracy theory..."
Mur 16.06.2018
True, but that is how that story ends.
Tozuru 17.06.2018
the torah/bible and quran.
Jur 20.06.2018
Why is there something to see?
Bat 24.06.2018
I got the same XD
Grotaur 01.07.2018
It's spelled "your", little trumpie.
Goramar 08.07.2018
What?You Aries tooo NO XD

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