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Might the question be better posed as something along the line of "What do see as the difference between religion and spiritually and how does that difference matter to you?" ?

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Pam sex tape free
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Karan 23.03.2018
Or do you refuse to understand the KJV.
Mikasar 26.03.2018
A culture of dependence. What a depressing environment.
Goltira 27.03.2018
It's been hundreds of years. It isn't happening.
Samulabar 30.03.2018
If that's what you meant, then I apologize.
Faurg 04.04.2018
Ask a Jewish person,
Kazrahn 08.04.2018
I see Antifa as far left?
Vudohn 16.04.2018
Or better yet, TruthSeekder's.
Moogurr 24.04.2018
What was the excuse for the bear mauling?
Tejind 04.05.2018
What agency owns them?
Nagami 09.05.2018
not a girls scout.
Moogusar 15.05.2018
It?s probably too long!
Mot 20.05.2018
Toldot Yeshu........................ That should be a topic in itself.
Dogami 26.05.2018
Yeah I miss them too.
Zulkirn 05.06.2018
Th-th-tha that's all, folks!
Vudot 10.06.2018
I hope they do.
Goltizshura 20.06.2018
Ok, you are on, prime time.
Brakus 23.06.2018
Nope. Lies and delusions.
Mezijas 26.06.2018
Like this kind of inconvenience?
Gardall 03.07.2018
Finding logical contradictions in religions isn't difficult.
Salkree 08.07.2018
Charge them with what?

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