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You are delusional. You are suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). You are hopeless. Don't even bother with a red pill. It won't help you.

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Yozshuzshura 29.05.2018
It's really pretty simple.
Akinok 05.06.2018
Even Vince sounded like he'd bust his wad.
Zurg 06.06.2018
Unaccountable to a deity... absolutely.
Tujas 15.06.2018
have to keep the wife happy- smart man
Tojataxe 20.06.2018
And how do you know the Plan of Salvation?
Akinojin 25.06.2018
I dig the tie man. Two thumbs up.
Kajikree 01.07.2018
We're talking about metaphysics, not theology
Meshakar 11.07.2018
Looks like we win again!
Vum 15.07.2018
Dryer on the coldest setting
Mezil 21.07.2018
but not necessarily on my feet =D
Sajas 23.07.2018
Please, stop commenting to me with your nonsense.
Vudolar 01.08.2018
Not when its live....LOL!
Dojind 05.08.2018
His momma liked chocolate every now and then:
Shakashicage 09.08.2018
Common DNA Sequences: Evidence of Evolution or Efficient Design?
Danris 16.08.2018
I do believe you may be right.
Arashiramar 25.08.2018
Vic, focus. I have no religion.
Doutilar 26.08.2018
Would you like to understand the reasons why?
Tojalar 31.08.2018
wtf are you talking about?
Musho 01.09.2018
If you want to kill time, why not.
Kazisar 11.09.2018
For example (requires flash player) -
Arashizuru 17.09.2018
Well that too, forgot...
Arar 21.09.2018
Ghosts ( if they exist)
Gotaxe 24.09.2018
Disprove the passage, Einstein. I''ll wait.

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