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Bangbroz 18 vol 10

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All of these things are His creation. He lives outside of the realms that bind our existence and our perception of existence.

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Bangbroz 18 vol 10
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Dutilar 01.04.2018
Um.... Holden ute I think.... I understand........:-))
Mikagis 08.04.2018
I have seen far too much evidence to doubt.
Zulutaxe 15.04.2018
Both of you separate and block one another, thanks.
Darn 20.04.2018
oh thanks :3 xD
Shaktikazahn 30.04.2018
And out of the way they go.
Sara 05.05.2018
correct, I already know that. :)
Gardatilar 06.05.2018
hahahahahaha please don't make me guilty

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