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I suggest you find something useful to do with your time, troll. I'm done wasting mine on you.

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Tautaur 29.03.2018
Didn't say anything about data manipulation.
Faujind 04.04.2018
Nice! He cool to!
Daijind 09.04.2018
You're my girl so I'll hook you up.booboo
Faek 18.04.2018
You left out my favorite passsiage from Exodus 33:
Gugis 24.04.2018
It's really amazing how ineffectual our govt has become.
Meztizilkree 03.05.2018
Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha!
Shakora 13.05.2018
Lol! Huh? That one went over my head! Lol
Muhn 22.05.2018
What about the trinity ?
Akinos 29.05.2018
1 Demonic possession has never happened.
Shalrajas 05.06.2018
Your nonsensical deflection doesn't undo your lies.
Doukree 11.06.2018
I'm sure it was a mistake.
Akinorisar 21.06.2018
You don't understand God, physics, cosmology, or time.
Yozshulrajas 01.07.2018
How long in prison for murderers?
Brabar 10.07.2018
My upvotes won?t stick a lot of times.
Dailabar 16.07.2018
Science.biology to be more specific.
Tygolar 23.07.2018
That's the only one l know....
Akisida 25.07.2018
I think I did just that.
Tygodal 29.07.2018
Nope! Just changed my name.
Mijinn 08.08.2018
You are only humiliating yourself.
Tagar 12.08.2018
In a picture only disctionary..."Fagggot" and their mugs
Brarr 18.08.2018
Oh, I get it.
Nikozshura 28.08.2018
Mussolini ? Typical Leftist nonsensical answer.
Mijora 31.08.2018
I'm so sorry. Glad he pulled through!
Goltidal 05.09.2018
Thank you so Much tooo
Vijar 12.09.2018
I pride myself on specifics.
Mazugrel 21.09.2018
I did read my edit

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