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Pretty and ugly lesbians

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Let's try this post the citations to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that documents that the universe was created by your god.

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Pretty and ugly lesbians
Pretty and ugly lesbians
Pretty and ugly lesbians
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Doshakar 05.08.2018
That'll be a Tenner.
Yom 12.08.2018
How many bingo cards are you playing today? ;-)
Mulabar 21.08.2018
Ya old bastage ????????????????????????
Kigazuru 01.09.2018
Cool post! Well done, shaktiman.
Faesida 11.09.2018
" you lost the debate."
Nelkis 18.09.2018
Can you troll any harder?
Kazijinn 24.09.2018
Religion in a nutshell.
Gabei 27.09.2018
Their look doesn't determins
Tygokora 03.10.2018
Can anyone have a
Feshicage 10.10.2018
What movie? Can't see the picture...
Faesar 19.10.2018
Not when being threatened to "stop it or else."
Guzahn 22.10.2018
Conservatives are fools... the solution is to
Goltill 29.10.2018
So end gun control then, it isn?t working.
Gurg 08.11.2018
Gulabar 12.11.2018
Every woman is a career woman

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