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Please stop anal hurts

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Ever gonna prove any of your BS or do you want to do away with the 1,2 Amendments like Putin? Those faces are of the ignorant & anti-American. Trump's shows are sucker fests, & not once did he say how he would help these people & supporters, all he did was lie, attack others, & smear people with race baiting. No respect for themselves where truth is no concern to them nor does it matter. They think they are throwing the middle finger to educated people & Washington, in reality, all they are doing is hurting our country & themselves, but I guess they don't care.

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Please stop anal hurts
Please stop anal hurts
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Your comments (25)
Kazragis 01.04.2018
I wonder what is spreading among your ilk jackalope
Goltirn 12.04.2018
Let me dumb this down for you.
Zull 18.04.2018
I see more than one Jesus in scriptures.
Mezitaxe 28.04.2018
Certain people are Illegals duh!
Voodoot 08.05.2018
Thank you, Rita. Yes, I miss his comments.
Fenrilkree 14.05.2018
yes Salt and Peppa
Tauhn 20.05.2018
So i cannot answer your question.
Vusho 28.05.2018
"It's not about whether you or I believe that".
Dushura 03.06.2018
Yep, that's what I think it is
Faujora 13.06.2018
Wow. Because you SAY SO?
Gagore 16.06.2018
Debunked by whom? How? When?
Brale 20.06.2018
I apologize.I will do.
Jurisar 21.06.2018
"According to some scholars, King David never existed."
Gujora 02.07.2018
Once they're broke, then I'll relax.
Daikazahn 02.07.2018
Hey, Obama tried it.
Yoshura 11.07.2018
I agree. You lied.
Akigar 18.07.2018
That puke Alan Rock comes to mind.
Dirn 27.07.2018
That's rich, CC posting against Big Brother.
Mezidal 01.08.2018
Then make it 30min ????
Toll 11.08.2018
I'm having a good day. Some fun threads today.
Faezilkree 13.08.2018
It?s an eclipse people! Get a grip!
Faule 19.08.2018
That is a breathtakingly arrogant, and intellectually lazy expectation.
Nasida 30.08.2018
Repost with the link broken. Deleting.
Voodoozahn 09.09.2018
My bf of course
Tam 13.09.2018
Good one. I like the sound from violins.

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